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2019 GlobalCapital Bond Awards


Welcome to the voting process for GlobalCapital's 2019 Bond Awards. Voting closes at midnight on March 29. See the next page for instructions on how to vote. The results will be announced at the 2019 Bond Dinner on May 22, which is being held at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London.


• First enter your name, job title and the name of your institution on this page.

• Make sure you have read the Voting Rules listed on the next page.

• Use the arrows to navigate through our various Awards categories. Make sure you vote in the correct categories: if you are a Bank, you should be voting for the Most Impressive Borrower Awards. If you are a Borrower you should be voting for the Most Impressive Bank Awards. The rating agency, law firm and investor categories are open to all. In the emerging markets and high yield sections of the Awards, banks are also allowed to vote for the Bank Awards.

• Please be reassured that your votes will be kept completely confidential by us. We ask you to keep your votes confidential too.    

For any questions please contact:

Toby Fildes, managing editor

SSAs – Craig McGlashan

Financial institutions – Tyler Davies

Emerging markets – Francesca Young

Corporate bonds – Jon Hay 

High yield bonds – Owen Sanderson


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